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Key Benefits of Website Maintenance

Keeping your website fresh and up to date is an important step in attracting customers. Adding fresh content and images keeps your website interesting.

The website platforms that we prefer for maintenance include:

  • Shopify
  • Wordpress

If you have a different platform like Wix or SquareUp, let us know.

Software Updates

Most websites today – even though they are easy to edit – are complex software applications. Just like the operating system on your computer, they need to be kept up to date for security and performance reasons. 

Fresh Content

The content on your website should keep your readers coming back. No one wants to read the same content week after week or be looking at outdated information about an event that happened 3 months ago.

Search Engines

The search engines prefer sites that are fast, error free, well maintained and most of all; they love to index fresh content. So, every time you update the website, you are giving the search engines new material with which to rank your site. 


Every site should be backed up regularly in case something happens and the site needs to be rebuilt or reinstated. Your web host usually provides software to take care of this. We can set up your hosting account do to this automatically.

Improve Visitor Experience

Your website is a public reflection of your corporate image. It will often be the first impression a potential new client has of your business, since people often research a company’s website and social media sites before taking further action. As an extension of your business, it’s important that your website meets the viewer’s expectations!

A poorly functioning website is a major problem for your brand and the image you want to project to potential new clients, as well as your existing clients and customers. 


Trying to handle your own website maintenance is like trying to fix your own car. Sure, some people are equipped to do it, but most business owners don't have time extra time. The success of your website and your business relies heavily on your website being a valuable source of information. Don’t let it slip by the wayside. 

We have 2 plans:

  • Startup $97/mo - a maintenance plan for startups - one hour. Additional hours are $97 per hour.
  • Small Business $187/mo - a maintenance plan for your established business 2 hours. Additional hours are $97 per hour

We have added these plans in the shop for purchase soon. In the meantime, please contact us via email, contact form, or live chat to inquire.